That's a Wrap!

Before we close the book on 2019, we want to honor our yearly tradition of sharing our most noteworthy milestones.

It was our mission to spread the power to listen to our trusted customers. Through continuous developement, an ever-increasing portfolio, a new restaurant solution, and a major global influence, we've surpassed our goal.

Keep scrolling to look back at some of our favorite highlights of 2019.

We found our voice

"The Power to Listen" is more than a slogan, it embodies our core purpose and cuts through all of the technical solutions we provide. Feedback from all channels is meaningless unless it enables you to listen, and that's what we do.

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We spread the word

It's great to self-reflect, but when you aren't able to communicate your vision, then you lose all the value in your efforts. That's why we made significant updates to our entire website - a new content hub, simpler navigation, and major cleaning went into the new www.trustyou.com.

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Numbers Never Lie

145 Million

Reviews Collected

5.5 Million

Surveys Collected


Of all global feedback was positive
Review sources with the highest increase in global review volume from 2019 compared to 2018




We've reached 43% more users (YoY)

30% more hotels use our platform (YoY)

We've resolved 60,000 service requests

Thanks for your recommendations! We are proud of our NPS score of 49 points

TrustYou Wins Global Support Certification on HotelTechReport

Meet some of our

New clients and partners

We have also started some

Exciting new industry partnerships:

The Best Solutions to Help You Listen to Your Guests

66% more Features Released (YoY) including:

Direct response functionality for and

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New integrations
with WeChat

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Our entire TrustYou Restaurant Solution

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Not only did our client base grow, but they've shared some of their

Success Stories:

February 20, 2019

Fusion Suites Da Nang Beach Hotel

TrustYou significantly contributes to the overall success and positive ratings of the Fusion Suites Da Nang Beach hotel.

June 13, 2019

Hotel Hafen Flensburg

The Hotel Hafen Flensburg has been using TrustYou's Live Chat since February 2019. The aim is to be able to quickly answer questions from guests and website visitors.

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November 21, 2019

Dalata Hotels

TrustYou’s all-in-one platform provides Dalata's Hotels the right tools to help them listen to their guests, increase rankings, and leverage the positive feedback as marketing content to boost bookings.

December 1, 2019

Schmitz Marketing - Parkhotel Landau

With the support of the hotel marketing experts from Schmitz Marketing, the Parkhotel Landau from Germany has made significant changes to its online presence - with success

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We met many of you in person

Thanks for all those insightful conversations!

ITB Berlin

HITEC Minneapolis

TrustYou Headquarters Hosts Siteminder

TrustYou Headquarters Hosts HotelChamp

Learn more about how you can grow and improve your own business with some of the most popular resources and research studies TrustYou published over the past year.

Understanding the Power of Feedback

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Maximize the Power of Reviews on Google

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Our team has also grown and developed, both professionally and personally.

Get an inside peak into our daily lives!


More Employees


Raised in Auction

From dinner invitations to home-brewed beer and voodoo dolls - this year's auction brought a lot of great items that our team bid for. In total we raised 2851 EUR for charity and every team member donated it to a cause of their choice. Doing good never felt better!



We live the adventure - our team is given an extra day of vacation to go on a new adventure, all they need to do is share their experience.


Catered Lunches

TrustYou's Adventurers were hungry: almost 4500 catered lunches were served in 2019, twice a week, organized by our great office manager Danielle!

Curious what's in store for 2020?

Every year, we make it our mission to foresee the upcoming travel trends and break them down for you, so make sure to check out what's next in hospitality from our blog post!

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